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Spare Parts

The Application:

Spare parts are usually supplied with minimal corrosion protection – often with only a very thin oil intended to protect against corrosion during transport and short-term land-based storage. These coatings are not intended to and will not protect against rusting when left in humid, salty and often hot environments at sea.

When spare parts are needed, it is crucial that they are in good condition and perfectly functional. Left inadequately coated, unprotected, or out of sight in a storage facility on board, the corrosive process quickly starts and rust can damage expensive and important spare parts without it being detected until the part is needed.

The Product:

Ferryl 103 Anticorrosive Drying Oil

Ferryl 103 Anticorrosive Drying Oil is applied to spare parts by brush, pouring or spray. The oil dries to a tough, dry, waxy film. The oil can be applied in varying thicknesses and is therefore adaptable to the length of time protection is needed, as well as the conditions under which the parts will be stored – be it in a relatively dry, indoor storage room or on outer decks.

Ferryl 103 contains the Ferryl rust inhibitors, which in combination with the oil film itself, creates a barrier between the metal and salt, air and water and gives excellent long-term rust protection. Spare parts coated in Ferryl 103 can be stored for several years without corrosion of the metal underneath.

When the spare parts are needed, Ferryl 103 is easily removed using a degreaser like Ferryl Cleaning Fluid Oil and Grease Remover or Ferryl Electroclean.