Ferryl 404 Dilution and Cleaning Liquid

Coating , Maintenance

A cleaning liquid used for dilution of coatings, for cleaning of surfaces prior to application and as a multipurpose thinner.

Main applications:

green-checkFerryl Coatings


    • Removes Dirt, Oil & Grease: Cleans surfaces prior to application of a coating.
    • Provides a Clean Surface: Ensures best possible adhesion of the coating.
    • Easy Dilution: Dilutes coatings to obtain the desired viscosity.
    • Cleans Painting Equipment: Quick and easy cleaning of brushes, rollers or sprayers.
    • Multipurpose Thinner: Suitable for use with most solvent-based paints.

Can be applied by brush, rag, spray, pouring or submersion.

Supplied in 10L metal drum.



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